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Knowledge Is Power, Time Is Precious

The professionals you serve need to stay current with a rapidly evolving body of knowledge to be the best at what they do. SelfStudy's AI-powered cloud platform, SelfStudy360, ensures they have exactly what they need to know when they need to know it, without having to spend time and effort searching for it.


Level Up with Machine Learning

SelfStudy360’s adaptive machine learning takes the burden off staying current by continually assessing individual knowledge and matching your content in real time to specific needs and interests. Users just browse a personalized feed on their preferred device, wherever and whenever they have a free moment.

Like GPS navigation that gets them where they’re going faster, SelfStudy360 dynamically adjusts based on individual and community interactions to bridge personal knowledge gaps on a guided path to ongoing professional excellence.

Personalized Discovery

Professionals no longer have to find the knowledge they need. Now, the knowledge finds them.

SelfStudy360 works just like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. It takes your past, present, and future content in all formats (print, video, podcasts, etc.) and puts the most relevant pieces in a personalized feed, based on preferences and individual and community interactions.

It’s ready for phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, and it’s exactly what people have come to expect from their online services.

Personalized Learning

Technology continues to change the way we learn, but personalization remains king.

Massive Open Online Courses and peer-to- peer sharing have moved education beyond the classroom and changed the roles of educators. What’s missing is dynamic instruction tailored to individual learners’ needs.

SelfStudy360 keeps each learner on a personalized path that prevents time-consuming detours. It's the first learning optimization system for professionals that continuously assesses and adapts to an individual’s current knowledge to fill gaps and accelerate mastery and retention of mission-critical information.

Best of all, it’s effective with just a few minutes per session - whenever and wherever convenient.

Continuous Assessment for Certification

You can easily create your own certification programs (from badging to high-stakes longitudinal assessment) to certify users’ proficiency in specific areas of their profession.

Join the move to continuous assessment with SelfStudy360’s engine that accurately measures knowledge over time to eliminate cramming and increase learning and retention.

Generate convenient and effective test prep programs for third-party exams, or offer traditional exams for people to take wherever they are, whenever they’re ready.

Either way, SelfStudy360’s continuous assessment lets you accurately measure knowledge against any industry or in-house standard.

Personalized Training

Simply sitting through a course or seminar doesn’t automatically translate to success. SelfStudy360 provides cost - and time - efficient competency-based training, not calendar-based training, to help ensure comprehension and retention.

A dashboard for program directors has easy-to-use tools for continuously and accurately assessing learners’ knowledge against any standard. Program directors can identify those who are having trouble or need more or slightly modified support, and they’ll know with confidence when learners have achieved competency.

SelfStudy360 also provides meaningful feedback on how your content and curriculum are performing to help you improve both. Plus, credit tracking and reporting makes it easy for you to report credits your users earn to relevant institutions.

Simple Publishing Tools

SelfStudy360 gives you total control. It fully automates migration of all your archived and current content, and our Curator content management system gives you the freedom to make updates and push new content whenever you want. Directly, with no intermediaries.

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SelfStudy developed the first AI-powered cloud platform for delivering personalized content discovery and adaptive learning programs.

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