The digital transformation lab toolkit

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Studies show that the major reasons why digital transformations fail are:

  • non-supportive culture

  • inability to apply the right data and analytics

  • not attracting the right talent, and

  • fighting the legacy battle

… but no one is shining a light on these issues for association leaders.



digitalNow 2018, together with our Advisory Group and your association leadership peers are putting your digital transformation readiness under the microscope and giving you solid, actionable tools for your success.

We proudly present:

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This innovative program is being presented on Day Three of digitalNow 2018.


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Allison Hartsoe

Discover the innovative Member/Customer Equity Analytics tool and checklists from  Allison Hartsoe, Founder & CEO of Ambition Data



Anh Phillips

Collaborate with world-renowned thought leaders such as Anh Phillips, Digital Transformation Research Lead, Deloitte Center for Integrated Research, who will lead off with her presentation, Achieving Digital Transformation: Culture, Talent, and Learning




Peggy Winton

President & CEO, AIIM 


Tom Loughlin

Senior Executive Consultant


2013-03 Mark Langley Photo.jpg

Mark Langley

President & CEO, PMI


David Schutt, Ph.D.

CEO, SAE Group


Ellen Moore

Principal, Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment (DTRA) model, Past Chief Learning Officer, AAOS


Matt Loeb, CAE



Tom Hood

CEO, Maryland Association of CPAs


This is your one chance to:

  • Be among the first to see new research to benchmark against other associations through our proprietary Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment
  • Identify how others are using data and analytics to achieve digital transformation

  • Learn from actual association case studies from CEOs of ISACA, SAE, PMI, and more

  • Understand the CEO role in leading digital transformation as an established association

  • Engage around the right questions with your peers regarding talent, digital integrity, robust data strategy, culture change, governance, leadership, and workforce

Bring your senior team to Austin May 7-9 to experience other groundbreaking digitalNow programming.

Participation is limited to 250 so be at the forefront of the association transformation movement.