Change is happening whether you lead it or not.

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Digital transformation is not a choice. It’s our reality.

The only choice you have is whether you lead the charge for your association, or allow others to set a pace that will disrupt you and leave you scrambling to keep up.

digitalNow 2018 has the keys:


At digitalNow, we’re bringing in the foremost experts in future trends and the phenomenon of digital transformation. These leaders will paint a picture of what our collective future will be like, so you can begin to visualize the ways in which your association will be affected and how to identify its opportunities.


Great ideas are only as valuable as your ability to execute on them. How will you accommodate this brave new world of pervasive computing? What is the path to digital transformation?


The future isn’t about the next great technology.  It’s about leadership, it’s about cultivating a culture within your organization that recognizes technology as a powerful tool that can only be optimized in the hands of those who respect its potential, who know how to mitigate its risks, and who practice agility, market knowledge, and systems thinking.

Knowledge. Execution. You.

The Key to digital transformation. Only at digitalNow 2018.



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