Why Facial Recognition

Today, facial recognition is being used to help the blind better understand social situations, identify diseases, facilitate secure transactions, and aid in security and safety efforts. 

It is being integrated into our everyday lives and that is why digitalNow is providing you with the opportunity to experience facial recognition in our on-site registration process.

We also understand that there might be some initial concerns about privacy and security, so we want to share the following with you from our provider:  

  • It’s optional and requires your explicit consent.

  • We submit your image to the Zenus Service through an encrypted connection (we leverage Secure Socket Layer technology to protect the privacy and integrity of this transmission process).

  • We do not provide Zenus with the individual names, contact information, username, etc., as part of this process.

  • Once the facial geometry for the event has been created, Zenus discards the original photo. (Zenus does not store the original photos; it stores only the facial geometry.)

  • Zenus deletes all facial geometries by one week after the event.

  • Facial geometries created for one event are not used for other events.

Consent to the creation of a biometric scan of this photo and of images of me at event check-in. The images and scans will be used only for check-in at this event and will be deleted by one week after the event.